Monday, February 17, 2014

So This Is What Snow Season Looks Like In New York City.

Hello beautiful people. I hope everyone had a fabulous valentines weekend. My valentine day bash was cancelled due to weather conditions.  I have been fussing and complaining about all the crazy snow storms happening in  New York City  for the pass two weeks. It seems like snow fall happens every three days. I know that some might say that the amount of snow that we are having is nothing compare to some parts of the world and my answer to that is..... I live in New York City and enough is enough. LOL. Anyway, I always make the best of every situation, snow fall can create very  beautiful views and picture perfect back drop and imagery. Hope you like my pictures.
I am still trying to guess which furry animal left these track. These tracks are from a roof top, please let me know if you figure it out?
View from my house.
Heading to work in a very windy snow fall :)

The best way to get around the city.
The wind finally took my umbrella :(
How is the weather where you are living?
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  1. WOW! This winter is so hard there, fortunately in my country is a little Spring :D

  2. These pictures are gorgeous; sorry about your umbrella..:(
    I love snow; the beautiful white flakes but I hate the mess it creates.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Even in all that snow and cold, your beauty comes shinning through!

  4. Lol! I feel the same way about the amount of snow we have here too! But you look fab in the snow with your red umbrella :)

    xo, jackie


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