Sunday, February 23, 2014

Head Must Be Covered

Hello beautiful people :) I have been sporting three of my favorite head covering for the past couple of weeks. I am one of those people if my head is not covered up during the winter months I can never seems to keep warm. Wearing head scarfs and hats is also a very good protective style for my hair.

How about you guys what kind of accessory you must wear to keep warm?
My Head scarf : HERE 
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  1. I like wearing hats and headwraps but I usually leave some hair out it flatters my face more. I like all 3 of your covers :)

  2. My feet have to be covered or forget about it. I wear socks at home if the AC is on :)

  3. The first head covering and cut out blouse in the first photo are cute. I like the second black hat too.
    I like to use scarfs to keep warm in the cold months.

  4. Luv that second hat. I personally luv wearing hats (not just in the winter).


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