Saturday, June 4, 2016


Hello! beautiful people :) I have to tell you this will be my last trip to vegas until the winter. LOL. The Nevada heat can be a little too much for me. As you, all know Vegas is one of my favorite places to visit.  I love it because there is so much to do. Most people go to Vegas for the partying and the drinking.  Sometimes. watching all the drunk people walking around can be a fun activity to do LOL, Anyway, this time, I did a lot more than last time. I saw a couple of shows, Circus  De soleil Tribute show to Micheal Jackson was good. I went shopping at the Fashion Show Mall. They have the best H&M store. A tip to keep in mind, ask the employees at the hotels to recommend places to eat or anything you are  interested in. I was asking questions like where do you go to eat.? What show have you seen? What are the best shows on the strip right now? This can really help to save you lots of money. Do the Hop on Hop off tour, A good tour guide can assist you in anything in almost anything you want to know. These tour guides knows the history of Vegas and therefore have a wealth of information. I asked questions about the best hotels at  reasonable cost. Here is a tip : I was told to stay away from Circus Circus hotel because it was build in 1968 and it has never been renovated. He was a very funny guy LOL.
 Nightlife activities, It's best to do a night Crawl this is where you have a guide that guides you to different clubs along the strip. This is a great way to experiences some great clubs for one price. In Vegas you are going to find  lots of people  promoting one thing or another, on the strip. If someone smile at you while your walking along the strip  and ask you "hey where are you from?" if you don't feel like a long drawn out sales pitch don't answer. LOL They are very good at getting your attention too. Las Vegas is a beautiful city for pictures. I love taking pictures and I have asked the question before, what do you do with all the hundreds of pictures on your camera. Well you post them on your blog and flood your social media feed with them LOL. Where did you go for your last get away?