Friday, July 5, 2013

What's In My Bag

I hope everyone had a fabulous July 4 and a fun fill weekend. I took inventory of what's in my bag today. I must say it's a little ridiculous on some of the stuff I found LOL. I am seriously thinking of weaning myself from carrying big bags. I am tired of digging in this black hole when I am looking for stuff. How about you guys, what is one thing you must carry with you everyday?

A large tub of Vaseline, WHY! I have no idea why it's in my bag.
My make up pouch or I should call it my lipstick holder I counted 11 lipsticks.
My sunglasses this is a necessity for everyone to have in their bag.
Too many keys I counted 25 keys on my key ring. I only use 3 keys everyday.
I was searching for these earrings. Apparently I have been using my bag as a jewelry storage.
and of course my camera this is a must. I refuse to leave home without it. I love taking pictures of everything :)

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