What is "Sweet With Envy".

"Sweet With Envy" Be inspired?  is any and everything that inspire. This is my personal lifestyle blog . Capturing fashion moments in time.

Why did you come up with the Phrase "Sweet With Envy" Be Inspired? 
Life is too short to have negative reaction. When you see something good we need to be "sweet with envy" We should strive to develop a mentality of not being envious but to be inspired. 

What do you  hope to achieve with your blog?

I hope it reaches people who are sweet with envy about life and enjoy all types of fashionable things like me.  Personally, I want to document my fashion moments in time while sharing my journey along the way.

 I also became sweet with envy from following lots of fashion blogs.

Contact info: sweetwithenvy@gmail.com


Thanks you for stopping by :)