Sunday, November 22, 2015

Iron Deficiency Could Be A Reason For Hair Loss

Hello beautiful people. :) I had talked about my issues with hair lost in the past and now I think I know why. I was assigned a new doctor the last time I went to do my annual physical. I told her about my hair lost and stated that I think I have alopecia.  She did alot of blood work on me and the results were that I have a iron deficiency and I am low in vitamin D. She believe that the low iron could be the reason for my hair lost. I am very encouraged from these findings because now I can move forward with a plan. I have been doing my research on the topic of low iron, which for me are Google and Youtube  LOL. I found bloggers and articles on the topic, you can check out some of these bloggers on youtube: Thinning Hair could be signs of iron deficiency  I found an article that list 15 signs to confirm that you really do have a iron deficiency. I had eight symptoms out of the 15. you can check it out: HERE I am a vegetarian  and your diet do play a big role on what happens to your body which for me it's my hair.                                          
I went to my first holiday party for the season and as usual I am wearing my favorite color.
I normally wear my hair in braids, I now wear it out in an Afro.
Oh this was an annual fundraiser I go to yearly. 

If you are currently having any type of hair lost I would love it if you would share it with me.
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  1. Oh wow, that's really interesting. A nice read.
    Also, you're looking good, girl! :)

  2. Sorry to hear about your hair lost. You look great greeting from norren


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