Thursday, June 12, 2014

I Love Fedora Hats

In February I was diagnose with Alopecia It's a condition where hair is lost from some parts or all parts of the body. It's mostly common on the scalp. For me it was on the top part of my head. This was a very emotional discovery for me. I think I went into a minor depression over this. I am over it now. The dermatologist told me that I have a form of alopecia called hair tension. meaning that the type of hair styles I use to wear was too  abrasive for my scalp. I had locks in my hair all through college and after I cut it off  I wore braids. The doctor said that my hair should grow back because she don't think that my hair follicle are completely dead.  She gave me some steroid cream to apply to the bald spot and told me to take botin 5000. I choose not to use the steroid cream and I am using Hairfinity vitamins instead. I am using  some alternative treatments rather than using the steroid cream. I have been using cinnamon oil on my balding spot and I am having great result of my hair growing back. In the meaning time I have not been doing much to my hair I wear my hair  twisted up and I now have some weird obsession with fedora hats. I wear one everyday. I now have a collection of about thirteen. Sometime when face with challenges you have to adapt and be creative. I am keeping a diary of my journey I will do a more detail post about my hair lost. What do you guys think about my hats? :)


  1. You are truly beautiful. The hats look great on you too!

  2. Hats are one of my addiction. Love yours so much *_*



  3. nice collection. I can never find any cute ones to fit my head :-(

  4. So sad to hear about your condition. I never heard of Alopecia before until you shared your story. Thanks so much for sharing.

    You do have a nice collection of hats and they look good on you.


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