Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Funnies

Hi beautiful people. I had a blast yesterday for Halloween. I like Halloween. I think I would like any fun day that will allow me to dress up. Someone asked me yesterday why am I worshiping the devil. Lol. Seriously, do I really look like I am worshiping the devil in my cute flapper dress? That was my reply. Anyway, I do get that some people have hang-ups with Halloween. Maybe there are some eye raising questions with the origins of the day. However, one might ask which holiday doesn't have some eye raising questions. I feel that America was build on top of alot of stuff.  When we start  asking probing questions, it can turn into a never ending process that ends up being quite disturbing. I am sure all the people that dress their kids in costumes and take them out for tricks and treats are not thinking about satanic activities. Let us all focus on the simple saying  "To each his own". I thought these costumes were hilarious and creative. I hope you enjoy some of them too. :)

Ellen Degeneres as Nicki Minaj
Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa as Kanye and Kim K.
Heidi Klum as a older lady.
Me in my flapper dress.


  1. Ripped and Strahan nailed it.

  2. you look pretty, nice pics :)

  3. wow, heidi really goes all out and kelly looks just like kim!

    you look good too:)

  4. Cute costume!!

  5. hahah! the ellen as nicki! LOL!


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