Wednesday, January 30, 2013

When you Fall get back up and keep going

I ran to catch a train today and fell on my butt. It was so embarrassing. It was one of those falls where everyone around came to my aid to help me back on my feet. I am just happy I was not wearing heels then it would have been a real embarrassment. lol.

Today's outfit H&M blazer old Similar
BeBop Stripe dress HERE
Vince Camuto Boots HERE


  1. Oh no, hope you are ok! That happens to me all the time, I am soooo clumsy!!

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  2. geez thank s for visiting my blog =) want to follow each other?

    lol it happened to me once too. it's really embarrassing i'd wish i would just disappear but of course the only way is to stand up and pretend it's nothing =)

  3. Lovely look darling<33 mind checking out mine?

  4. Ooh! So sorry!
    By the way, love your look
    Inspired red blazer

  5. I hope you didn't get hurt! Love that blazer.

  6. Very cute outfit! I love those boots!
    xo jess

  7. Your photos are great -so detailed! Very informative and clear I really enjoyed browsing through your blog :) Would you like to follow each other? I always follow back :) I just followed you on GFC, hope you will too :) Looking forward to more posts from you! More power!


  8. You look great!
    And I bet even if you fell you looked good doing just that!

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  9. cute photos, now following :) Hope you'll stop by and follow.
    xoxo Ryta

  10. i like your pics:) i follow you:) please follow back!

  11. Beautiful red blazer and striped dress!
    Have a nice day!

  12. Sorry to hear that. On another note, your boots look amazing :)

  13. Love your look. The boots are my personal favorite. Maybe if you have some spare time, you can check out my blog.

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  15. cute outfit! :)


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