Saturday, January 18, 2014


I have been doing my own hair for as long as I can remember and for the New Year one of my goals is  to entrust my hair care with someone else. I wear my hair in its natural state. which means I prefer not to use a perm in my hair. Sometimes it can be challenging to find a natural hair stylist who knows what they are doing. More importantly, for me I want to have a strong connection and a sense of trust. I think I have found someone her name is "Yendys Neferatum"  Not only is she a Professional Natural hair care stylists She is also a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. I had my first appointment with her today. Upon meeting her I instantly felt at ease, I felt as if I was visiting a close friend. She served me the most delicious tea.
Her consultation about my hair care which she strongly focus on dealing with the "within" was very informative and eye opening. Her herbal base treatment I received for my hair was tinkling, pleasant and so different from anything I've tried in my hair. I am truly excited to start this journey with my hair and I have no doubt that my hair will be exactly how I want it to be.
My goal is to grow my hair into a  healthier big afro :) This is how I am starting out.

I will be documenting my journey along the way. you can check out her website and blog for a extensive introduction The Cowrie Shell Center

My hair journey over the years. 
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  1. You've had quite a journey with your hair. Every hair style suits your face which is awesome. Lovely post :-)
    *Thanks for your visit on my blog - very much appreciated!*

  2. You look gorgeous in every style. That's awesome that you found a holistic hair care specialist. Taking a natural approach to beauty I feel has such a positive impact on the body. I'm glad that you found someone you can trust. I think this post will help a lot of girls!


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